Zooming in and out


Hello :smile:

So I have searched and searched on here and found nothing. But in my story, I’m wanting to zoom in to the character and then zoom out slowly- but I don’t know how to work the zoom out part. Is there any possible way to make it slow…?


@zoom on (use the tool to find coordinates) to (scale) in (anything above 10 is really long)


Here’s an example that I used…If this is what you’re talking about




&zoom on 328 257 to 618% in 1
@ CHARACTER is shiftweight
@zoom on 320 212 to 293% in 15


Ooh whats your story about?


Thank you so much :heart::heart:


Pretty much, a woman undergoes artificial insemination to get pregnant and the story is about her, her pregnancy, and the man who donated so she could become pregnant.


No problem! If you ever run into any other coding issues, I’ll be glad to help! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: