Zooming in on more than one person. Please help!

Can someone please help me. I’m writing my first story and I want to zoom in on two characters but I don’t know how to and for some reason I don’t have directing helper or zoom helper. If someone knows how to zoom in on more than one character without using zoom helper please tell me.


go to this girl channel she helped me with my zoom in “Episode notes” or “joseph evans” in u can only zoom in on one person

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Ok thank you

Preview the story then use the camera button to spot direct the zooms onto two people at once.

can someone help me, how do i make a post on episode forums.


Do you mean a new topic? because if you do you simple got to the latest posts and there is a button for adding topics you hit it and write what you want to share to the community if you ever need help never feel afraid to ask!

Ok thank you that helps a lot

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ok thanks!

make the zoom go onto both characters then copy and paste the zoom code into your script