Zooming issues!


Editing this because I think I was unclear so my bad XD

So in episode the script template @zoom on CHARACTER to 200% in 0 is there so you don’t have to find the specific spot of the character, otherwise you’d do @zoom on 100 100 to 200% in 0 but if that’s not where the character ends up being you have to keep retrying. So the template is supposed to just instantly find their spot so all you do is choose the zoom %. However, whenever I use the template it zooms about 50 pixels to the left of the character, so there’s something wrong with it. I want to use the template so I don’t have to constantly guess where to zoom and tweak it a million times. So I was just wondering if anyone knows why it zooms incorrectly and how to fix it? Thank you!


You could try:
@zoom on 100 100 to 200% in 0
That would make it immediate if that’s what you’re looking for. Or if you wanted the zoom while talking or an action, use & instead of @.


Yeah, that’s what I usually do it’s just that that takes a lot longer than just using a template. I’ll probably just stick with the specific zooming then since I can’t get the other thing working. Thank you anyways!


So you want the zoom to go straight ?


Yeah, whenever I use the template from episode the zoom is like at least 50 pixels left of the character it’s supposed to be on so it’s not zoomed in right.


Well, there’s no shortcuts, you’ll have to adjust the template if you want a cleaner zoom.


But how? the template is just @zoom on CHARACTER to 200% in 0 which always makes the zoom off centered which is why I always have to find the specific spot of the character and manually zoom which takes a lot longer.


Here’s what you do, you zoom onto the screen at 100% using the coordinates that will center the zoom correctly then you zoom in on 200% using the same coordinates. Example:

@zoom on 100 100 to 100% in 0

@zoom 100 100 to 200% in 2

This way the zoom won’t curve


I’m sorry but I think we’re talking about two different things XD


You want to zoom in on the character and have it focused correctly, right? Then you have to figure out the coordinates (the numbers the come before the zoom percentage). There’s no shortcuts for that


Yeah, that’s how I do it now but there’s a script template to instantly zoom on a person. Go to script templates in Episode and scroll to Camera - close up and it’ll show the template to zoom on a person. It should work well and center the character you’re zooming on, but for me the zoom is completely off centered.


That’s cuz the template won’t take into consideration your characters placement on the screen. So again, you’ll have to do it yourself.


Alright, I have no idea why Episode would put a template if it doesn’t work, but I’ll just stick to the coordinates then. Thank you!


Yeh the templates are tricky. Let me know if you need any zoom help.


Okay, I understand!! Thank you! I think that’s all I’ll need help with!!


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