Zooming not working


Hey , I was wondering if someone could help me :blush: . I’ve wrote in the script
zoom on character to 200% in 3
When i test the story on the app , it just doesn’t zoom on the character . Instead , it zooms somewhere else . And I’ve tried resetting the zoom before this command but nothing changed . How can I solve this ?
Thankyou :heart:


Hello! :slight_smile:
Can you send that section of coding from your script?


Here it is


@EMMA spot 0.962 63 121 in zone 3 and EMMA faces right
@JIMMY spot 0.972 125 111 in zone 3 and JIMMY faces right
@MCM spot 0.972 251 91 in zone 3 AND MCM faces left
@MARY spot 1.022 385 63 and MARY faces right and MARY starts idle_sad_serious_loop
@zoom on MARY to 200% in 3
@pause for a beat
@pause for a beat
@transition fade out black 5.0
volume music 0 5000


You have to add the coordinates (numbers) in the place of character_(MARY)_


Oh never mind I just panned to zone 2.
Thank you all for your help @SofiaTW @S.Dsana :heart: :blush:



Resolved and closed. Thanks all! :peace_symbol: