Zooming on characters face

Hey! So in my story, I would like the camera to slowly zoom in on my characters face. I know exactly what code to use, however, I’m really not sure how to use the directing tool on my phone. I’m going to “Directing Helper”, then “Zoom helper”. Everytime I try to zoom in on my characters face to get the number I need, the zoom doesn’t work, and it only zooms to the side, and weird angles of things. The way I’m zooming is putting my index finger, and thumb together, and then pulling them apart in the place I want to zoom in on. Maybe that’s what I’m doing wrong, it’s just so annoying because nothing works when I try to zoom on what I want. :frowning_face: Someone luckily really helped me out with this yesterday, by getting the correct number for me, but I really dont know what I’m doing wrong.

Any help would be extremely appreciated!! Thanks so much!

You can also use “@zoom on CHARACTER to %”

Change the setting to focus and move to your character’s face.

There are 2 options after you select zoon helper.

  1. Zoom
  2. Focus

Use zoom to zoom in. You can just use 1 finger to slide on your screen. Then tap Switch tool focus to slide to the left or the right to get to the character.

OMG, thanks it works now!! I appreciate it so much!

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Thank you so much!!

That worked really well, I totally forgot you could do that! Thank you!

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