Zooming out of a character and them being behind a window

The title might sound confusing, but in some stories I’ve seen things like there can be two characters outside doing something, and then the window that another person is watching them through fades in while zooming out so you can see the character watching the other two… I hope that makes sense. I’m in neeeeed of help!

You need an overlay.

You can spot characters behind the window and and in front of the window by layering them.


It’s for a default Episode background, so you just need to put this one on it.

(background’s name: INT. OPEN WINDOW - DAY)

It’s just an example.
You can use it if it helps you.

You can make the shot on the people outside first by using:

@overlay OVERLAYNAME opacity % in s

% is the level of the opacity and s is the number of seconds.

And zooming at the same time (seemed like you already knew how to zoom but say if you don’t)

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oh, thanks!

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