Zooming + Panning [SOLVED]

How do I zoom up a character (like from their feet to their head) while they’re walking and continuously walking?

@zoom on x-axis y-axis to % in secs

you move the y-axis and dont change the %
remember you have to have the foot shot first
preferably in 0 secs idk for u tho

@cut to zone 2
@zoom on 554 341 to 169% in 2

@ELIO moves to layer 3
@ADDY moves to layer 3

@VANESSA walks to spot 1.055 186 109 in zone 3 in 4 AND VANESSA is walk_sing_energetic_loop AND VANESSA moves to layer 7
@pause for a beat
@ELIO faces right
@LUCA exits right AND LUCA moves to layer 7
@ELIO is eyeroll_sarcastic AND ADDY is idle_armscrossed_awkward_loop
@ELIO exits right

@zoom on 320 0 to 283% in 0
@pan to zone 3 in 4

how exactly?

the zoom 320 is the feet but i dont get it
the spot i told her to go to is temporary, i ideally want her to exit the scene completely

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I’ve never tried this before but maybe something like:

&pan to zone x in T
@zoom on CHAR to x% in T AND CHAR walks to spot x y z in zone x in T AND CHAR is walk_neutral_loop

I haven’t tested so I have no clue if this would work.

1 whats going on w the pan
2 you increase the zero until you see it at her head

i told her to walk to a spot but as i zoom into her feet, they just never appear so i zoomed out entirely to see where she went and she’s gone??

is it because you are in a different zone cos you panned the camera?
what background are you using

i dont know

i posted my script a little higher up

can you send pictures of it playing

it wouldn’t show anything
basically she leaves the scene and it’s all good,
and then i put my zoom but she never walks through it