Zooming problem in one scene


I just want a zoom in on my character when she says HELLO! and then that it stops but it does not work maybe because not direct there is an other scene and i can’t write in the other scene zoom stop. But it has to go like this too or not just the hello and then stop:

this is the script:


&SUSAN spot 1.209 271 75 AND SUSAN faces left
@SUSAN is yawn_bored
@SUSAN is talk_afraid
SUSAN (talk_mindblown)
Oh my god! What will they bring me? I am hungry!

    SUSAN (idle_exhausted)
(I need to knock on the door!!!)

@pause for 2

    SUSAN (talk_angry)
I want food and please not in that stupid plastic!

    SUSAN (talk_call_out)

@pause for a beat
SUSAN (talk_angry_accuse)

@pause for a beat

&WENDY enters from left to spot 1.211 115 74 AND WENDY faces right AND WENDY is walk_neutral_offset_hold_cupcake



What do you mean? Like does the scene not carry on?


the scene stays in zoom and that is not what i want just those words Hello.


You haven’t got any zooming commands?


you need to add zooming commands for it to zoom :slight_smile:


if you want to zoom on your character when she says hello, type in the command before she says it
@zoom on SUSAN to % in #
then type in @zoom reset after to reset your zoom…
if you restart the scene after the line @zoom reset takes place the zoom won’t stay there.

i don’t really understand your problem but i hope this helps.


Does % in # i really don’t onderstand.


% means how much percent you want to zoom in. I reccomend 200%-300% but if you want to go REALLL in then do 400% lol

and the # means how many seconds you want the zoom to take.

for example: @zoom on BOBBY to 300% in 2
you can also start it like this: &zoom on BOBBY to 300% in 2