Zooming problem, is the tutorial wrong?


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OCnVpBYF3VU this is the tutorial i used he is from joseph evans.
I did exactly as he sayd.

INEZ (talk_angry)
Don’t mind here, besides her good looks there is nothing good at. I really don’t understand why he keeps up with her.

HILDE (talk_sad)
It’s just…He is so good looking and loving to the patients, I don’t know someone like him, he is perfect.

INEZ (talk_sheepish)
Hilde get yourself over it.

HILDE (talk_sad_clutch)
I know, there are others who have tried, really beautiful woman and they did not succeed. And I am ugly.

INEZ (talk_pound_chest)
I don’t want that you say that you are ugly.

@zoom on HILDE to zoom in 0

HILDE (talk_scared_flashlight)
I am, my nose!

@zoom on INEZ to zoom in 0

INEZ (talk_angry)
Stop it, Hilde!!! Come we are going to drink a coffee!

@zoom on HILDE to zoom in 0

HILDE (talk_sad_timid)
I don’t want to.

@zoom on INEZ to zoom in 0

INEZ (talk_angry_arms_crossed)
We go period!

@zoom reset

The script says that there is not a command like that and gives an error…

And then another question what is the time that an episode is long enouh?



You need to replace the second “zoom” with a percentage, e.g., “@zoom on INEZ to 300% in 0”.


But that was not in the tutorial, i don’t understand it.


I don’t know why it wasn’t in tutorial , but it works if you add 300% (or anything) in it


I did just that but then there is no zooming directly on Hilde or Inze face, i have to use the zoom corrector and i can’t do that.

pffff why is zooming so difficult?
It’s one of the things my story misses because I can’t do it.
I am becoming really stressed about it.
I wish i had someone who did the zooming for me that’s why i want a writing partner but until now i did not really find someone who does zooming or noises.


And know i did that the whole scene is zoomed not only were i begin. grrrrr


Are you writing in ink? If then, there is script template for zooming
And check your story on app rather than previewer , it isn’t work sometimes properly
…what? You just deleted whole Episode??


is there? Because now my whole episode is zoomed and i deleted it.


Yeah, the default zooms can be a pain…



thank you is that the script template? :kissing_heart:


no i used my app and tapped on resest story process and it was gone, but were is that script template?



Thanks to Dara , her template’s are useful and amazing


Try @zoom on # # to ###% in time

Or @zoom on CHARACTER to ###% in time


And were can i find them?


Use this , change RU with character , hope it helps :wink:


That is not working with a picture it has to be written but thanks anyway :sweat:


Go to script template (down the previewer)and there is option as " close up" Choose it , add your character names


I dont see it really, it is a screenshot i can’t click something.


I was meaning in script , where you write story
On right hand , there is previewer , where you see your story , down that there is character names (animation) after that , there is script template