Zooming Problems!

Hey! So I am writing my first story and I’ve been figuring everything out but I am so confused when it comes to zooming. I tried to add in a zoom on my characters face and then zoom out, so I added @zoom on 320 384 to 407% in 0 and then @zoom reset after. When I did this it just made it zoomed in from the start so I just added @zoom reset at the start of my story BUT, now it won’t even zoom in when it says to. I am just very lost and any help would be SO appreciated! :slight_smile:


So, whether or not you added @zoom reset to your story, if you play it until a zoom, it will stay in that zoom from then on in your view.

It’s like…if you review your story on your phone and your character changes hair, then you go to the beginning of the episode, the character will have that new hair even though they are supposed to have their original hair!

It may look funky on your phone when you are reviewing it, but you did everything correctly! Just keep in mind that the last thing your phone views, it will stick with. So, if you want to view it zoomed out after having it be zoomed in, you either need to fast forward to the scene where it is zoomed out, or refresh the app.

Hope this helped! :slight_smile:
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make sure to refresh the chapter

Instead of @zoom reset you should use @zoom 0 0 to 100% in (type how many seconds here)

Thank you so much!! :slight_smile:

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