Zooming to the right

Hey can anyone hep me ?

When i use a background and i try to zoom to a person on the right then it only goes to the maximus right when your at a zoom of 100%.

Like if i do @zoom on CHARACTER to 150% in 0 and the character is on the right then probably i will be bale to only see a part of its face . I really need to zoom . And when i go to the previeuw screen and i use camera and try to zoom to the right it doesn’t let me .


You should be able to do it with the previewer

The code is @zoom on x y to % in 0
Where x and y are the coordinates of the zoom

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already tried that

Your character is in between two zones??

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What are zones ? Im sorry im kind of new …

Where is your character standing?

Depending on your background, there’s 1 zoned, 2 zoned and 3 zoned background. You said you only managed to zoom half of your character’s face, I assumed you placed your character in the middle of the two zones.

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on the right lets say screen right or screen upright

On wich zone do i have to put it ?

Can you screenshot the part where the character is zoomed to half of its face?

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K 1 sec

Look this is what i did :
@zoom on LIAM to 200% in 0
and this is what it does . It doesn’t let me go to the right

Is your character still half of its face when you @/zoom reset? If it is, then you must have placed your character in between the lines between zone 1 and 2, or zone 2 and 3.
If that’s the case, just shift your character within a zone, so that you can see the whole.

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I Had THIS PRoBleM FoR So Long
I dind’t know how to fix it .
thank yooouuu

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