Zooming while Dialogue Plays?


Hey so I’m trying to start a zoom and have it keep zooming while there is dialogue, specifically a narration by a character but it’s not working…
I’ve seen other threads say use “&zoom on” instead of “@zoom on” but! I’m trying that and it’s not working :frowning:
This is what I have in my script:

@pause for a beat
&zoom on 761 158 1396% in 10
@pause for a beat
It was as if my world was shrieking.

even with both of the pauses gone it doesn’t work and a warning message telling me to change it to @ is still there.


Try taking the @pause for a beat out.


took both pauses out, still doesn’t work


Try asking @RudeInception


I heard my name



&zoom on 761 158 to 1396% in 10

It was as if my world was shrieking.


Thanks so much!!! I can’t believe I missed that :sweat_smile:




It’s also in 0 seconds. that means it happens right away, and not during the dialogue. Unless you meant it to be like that… But then the & or @ doesn’t matter because it happens immediately.


It’s not a 0, it’s a 10


OMFG I seriously didn’t notice it. HOW?! :scream::scream::scream::scream:

Than it’s all cool I guess…


Cheers for the reply @RudeInception! Closing thread :v:t2: