ZOOMS! How do I do it?


I have used a zoom code that I was showed, but i think that way is outdated now. What is the the zoom code in Limelight?

I have tried to use this:
@zoom on ALEX 200 in 0

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

yeah u should put a % in the zoom number

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Thank you, I will give it a go

Nope that isn’t working either :confused:
@zoom on ALEX 200% in 0

wait a sec

have u tried from the directing helper?


Yeah it is telling me to use
@zoom on 50 100 to 150% in 2

but it doesn’t zoom into my character and i don’t know how to make it so it does

… oh thats something different! sorry i am new to this

u should adjust where u want to zoom in then copy it


press on copy or copy stage

Aw thank you! you are a star:)

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aww, your welcome :heart:
happy to help!

if u’re done I’ll tag someone to close this thread:)

Yeah, im done, thank you again :slight_smile:
And sorry for opening up a new thread, no idea what im doing :sweat_smile:

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that’s ok :heart: and ur welcome :blush:

@Jeremy or @Sydney_H please close this thread:)


You got it @BlauwStories03 :smiley: Closed!