Zooms Need Help Please XD

Hi guys! so one of the scenes for my story needs zoom for it, but I tried to zoom 2 persons but individually and when I preview it only one shows up what to do guys?

Hi. (again)
Can I see your script. It’s always easier to undestand and pin point the problem then.


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I was planning to just zoom in on each of them but It won’t work so my idea was to do this and somehow it works but I like the one who just zooms in without them talking


I’m afraid I don’t really understand what it is you’re trying to do…
Were you using coordinates, but it didn’t work(?) and now you use zoom on CHARACTER instead and it works(?) or am I lost completely…

Firstly are your characters standing in the same zone? There are no coordinates or directions in the script cut so I can’t tell how they’re standing.
I need more to go on to be able to understand what is you want to do.

Oh there’s no problem with the coordinates, the problem was I zoom each character individually but only one shows up but when I tried doing this it works I planned to do the zoom without them talking 21

ok, hun, but I need the coordinates/how they’re standing to figure out why it won’t work as you want it too. I can’t go on the zooms alone, especially not when you use zoom on CHARACTER. Coding’s a vaste concept that’s logiaclly put together. One code is depending on another for it to work.

Who is the one showing up?

uhm you mean these? 24232225

Not exactly.
How have you put them into the script.

@HAZEL is standing <— like this
@HAZEL spot <— or this

What are their plazings on the screen?
If I’m going to be able to help you I need to reconstruct your script, or at least have some type of coordinates to go on.

But the zooms here look okay, if a bit up close. If all you want to do is zooming on them without them talking or acting you can do that by adding a pause after the zooming.
@pause for 2.0 (oor for how long you want the idle picture to be) This will make a small break in the script flow, before going on to the next scriptline/zoom on.

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Thank you <3 I might try the pause but if it won’t work can I pm you?

Of course :grin: I’m happy to help.

Good luck.


Did it work? :slight_smile:

It worked :smiley: but I have to put more than 1 pause for it take a little longer :smiley:

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Nice! Well glad to see you found your answer :slight_smile: Closing thread!