I have been writing since 2014-2020. And know how to write and code on episode! I have been writing with my siblings since 2014, and I have gotten better at coding, with episode! My favorite episode characters are classic because it was so amazing and I loved it a lot

About me: WHEN I SAY FEDERAL IT MEANS: That it’s deep and I don’t want to say it’s personal😘
Makeup artist :smiley:
I like ASMR a lot :laughing:
Loves Classic style🌼
Religious: Christianity :latin_cross:
Sexual orientation: Straight🌈
Age: that’s federal sorry :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Zodiac: Scorpio :scorpius:
Born : Federal sorry :yum:
Dating: Federal sorry :gift_heart:
Stories: Accidentally pregnant // Risk Taker coming soon :crazy_face:
In the future: I would like to achieve to be making stories on episode and stuff not going into to much detail :face_with_raised_eyebrow::sob::rofl:


I have this link if you want to know where you can get help from me!


Just ask me :slight_smile: