“That’s right. I AM THE PUMPKIN KING!” - Jack Skellington, The Nightmare Before Christmas :jack_o_lantern::fallen_leaf:

Tehehehe I love you pumpkin king :pleading_face::fallen_leaf:

In case I’m ever banned or suspended my Instagram is @/rosalinda.epsd :partying_face:

Profile Picture Credit: @Theebee2004 :present:

Ink Details

Body: Tan

Brows: Smooth Arch

Face Shape: Oval

Nose Shape: Soft Natural

Hair Style: Beach Wave Hair

Hair Color: Chestnut

Eye Shape: Upturned Bold

Eye Color: Brown

Lip Color: Taupe

Lip Shape: Full Round

LL Details

Skin tone: Neutral 02

Brows: Arched Thick Style

Brows Color: Black Dark

Hair Style: Long Down Wavy Princess Braid

Hair Color: Brunette Brown

Eye Shape: Round Medium

Eye Color: Brown Black

Face Shape: Heart Soft

Nose Shape: Pointed Downturned

Lip Shape: Medium Thin

Lip Color: Pink Beige Gloss

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