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Requests: Closed
Trades: Pm me whenever!! :grin:
Actually you can pm me about anything 'cause quarantine got me: :slight_smile:

@pilot : As Talented as a gosh dang…actually I can’t compare you to anyone, 'cause your art does not compare! Plusssss: You’re so modest…

@queenscribbles : You’re basically the Devil and God had a hot baby, tho, it’s not a bad combo!

@ItsTerra : Ice-cream!!! I love ya!!! You’re amazing and don’t stop being amazing and hella talented!!

@Youngbl00d : The best pfp maker ever, and the sweetest person on planet earth, baby!!

@elena.epi : Heyyyyyyyyyyyyy. You’re amazing, and you may not be good at singing, but you’re the sweetest person on planet earth!!!

@Fierce : Fifi!!! I love you soooo much!!! :pleading_face:

@maddie.nicole : Did I spell that wrong? Anyway, you’re amazing and I love you!! :grin:

Am I forgetting someone!! Btw: I can’t wait for your b-day Tany!!! :pleading_face:

One thing you should know: I love Lloyd Garmadon :heart: