Awesome pfp by an amazing person! @24aya

people, i love ❤

@DazzledSnowFlake ~ The sweet sister

@Mondalsushanta637 ~ partner in crime smirk

@NemesisDarkFox ~ Always makes an effort to heal other’s pain ~ therapist at heart cool

@BadassSaasha ~ A good mom, who does all things with love 534D9650-CC34-48BC-A50D-B81C96B3D41B

@k.w.episode ~ when the forum god made aunts, he gave me the best ~ Best aunt Ever image

@_haruka ~ the wonderful person award is presented to you two_hearts

@24aya ~ A cheerful and lovely person who brings gifts of happiness. B10B64E8-3CAE-478C-856B-14F39F193140-4685-000006673CC25E5A