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My sister has it on her tablet and it is an android. My phone or tablet doesn’t but hers does so maybe they are bringing it back.

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I know and I’ll still remember it, I always use to use earning extra passes and gems but now that gone, its just makes episode boring. And I’m guessing your an android user?

Hmmm, you have a good point. What is the model of thr tablet your sister has?

Samsung tab A

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I have one but I barely use it since I have a phone now which is a Samsung A51. And that’s really unusual, maybe there bringing it back soon.

Sorry, I was wrong. It’s an app called Radish.

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Ok, well I’m definitely looking it that and if I see there ads I will report it.

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I knwo what ad you’re talking about and it’s just disgusting as I got the same ad in the last weeks.
Just to clarify, it’s not an ad from Episode. It’s an ad from another storytelling app.



Episode does not choose the ads; the ad partner is responsible for doing so, and sometimes they fail to stay within the parameters given to them by Episode. If you find content that is in violation of Episode’s guidelines, please report it to the support team via ticket.

Thank you :slight_smile: