Accusations [GAME]


@Paulinian_Episodian wasn’t a good butler!


@Chocolate_Mama is banned for spreading diabetes.


@Paulinian_Episodian broke Cinderella’s heart!

Don’t ask me how cause I have no idea.


@Whispering_Flower is banned for banning me for a silly reason.


@Paulinian_Episodian is banning me when they’re actually supposed to accuse me.


@Whispering_Flower change the little flower to an unknown girl with pizza
Poor little flower :zipper_mouth_face:


@24aya is talking about a little flower, and I have no idea what this little flower is, that she is talking about.


@Whispering_Flower is just obessed with the unknown girl with pizza that she denying that she knows little flower :no_mouth:


@24aya is calling me an unknown girl!

You don’t know me??? Fine then :roll_eyes:


@Whispering_Flower isn’t getting that I am calling unknown girl unknown who is in her pp😪


@24aya drew roses on my car with a pink lipstick!


@Caroly.episode should be thankful for that awosome art :sunglasses:


@24aya should know that getting it off cost me a lot!


@Caroly.episode get my rose art off :unamused: baddy baddy caroly


@24aya pushed me into sinking sand.


@Whispering_Flower didn’t help me with the baking!


@Chocolate_Mama left egg shells into the cookies she baked me!


@Caroly.episode helps @Chocolate_Mama bake innocent children!


@k.w.episode thinks ChocoMama and I are cannibals!


@Caroly.episode is using the difficult words😒