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so, I’ve seen on other episode INK stories that you can do advanced zooming, or whatever its called. I need to zoom in on a certain characters face, but I have no idea how to do it. Id appreciate all the help I could get, please? TIA-Teigan x

Utilize these tools to achieve the zoom you want

Once that is complete, take a look at the zoom formula created for you, you can copy and paste it to your script

do I have to do this via the app on my iPhone?

On the phone, it’ll look sort of like this —

You’ll be provided with the same tools, and one the bottom left highlighted in grey—Will be the formula

how do I find the zoom helper, etc, on my Mac? please?

Look at the first gif–
First you open the previewer on your script, then press directing help
Then hit the zoom helper :slight_smile:

thank you! :slight_smile:

Zoom Directing (The Art of the Zoom Made Easy)

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my whole script is zoomed in?

thank u!

You need to reset the zoom once you zoom it on on whatever you have it zoomed on

oh, thank you :joy:

If you wanna zoom on character
@zoom on CHARACTER to X% in Y

X is the scale of zoom
To zoom in it should be more than 100
Y is time in seconds
If you want it to zoom immediatly make it zero
You can also zoom on spot
@zoom on X Y to Z% in T
To get the spot use the zoom helper in directing helper while testing the story
Z is the scale of zooming (again more than 100 to zoom in)
T is time in seconds
Don’t forget to reset the zoom when you’re done the scene using:
@zoom reset

thank youuu!

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@Jeremy @Sydney_H please close, its been resolved :slight_smile: