Advice needed- AGAIN

So, earlier toay, I created a thread asking for people to vote on whether they would read either of the stories I put in the thingy ma jigy. But now I have gone back over the two stories and sorta fixed them up. But, I need advice on how they are sounding and whether I should continue them or not… I dont know if they’re interesting or not and I’d like your opinion!

Dont worry that ill be butt hurt, I want your honest opinion :blob_hearts:

My Little Mortal

When a group of watchers are sent to earth to find their immorts, their other half, Elfie comes across Valentina, a shy and sweet nerd who has the ability to go invisible.

Beautiful Creatures

When Vivika and her friends are sucked into a book, they embark on a journey as they bond to control their newfound powers and defeat the dangers that halt their escape. But with the help of two new allies, will they escape the darkness that awaits them?


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Both of them sound interesting to read, I think you should continue with them! But also, be sure YOU want to write it! (:


tbh I’m not a big fantasy fan so neither of these sound absolutely appealing to me as much a romance or drama story would but they sound pretty good. I would read if they included advanced directing, good grammar, plot, and characters, and if you’re 100% sure that you are ready to write them, write them. But be passionate about it. I once tried to write a story I wasn’t passionate about it and my bsf said, “why try to write about something you don’t like? It’ll come out sh*tty and then what was the point of writing about it? You just wasted your time, and mine.”

ignore the last part she was a crab that day :woman_shrugging: and you are certainly not bugging me, tag me all you like :joy:


I am obsessed with the fantasy genre but haha this whole day I’ve been hit up about plot requests for the fantasy genre. I’m lucky I don’t get writers block or I would have had to deny some of the fantasy genre requests. xD I still have like 2 romance ones on my thread which noone seems to want but I find them good. xD


Ooh, maybe I’ll check out your thread and yeah I’ll only read fiction with books but online it has to be romance or drama or I just can’t XD

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Yeah, you could even read some of the requests / end results if you did find something within fantasy that you’d want to read. but OOF SO MUCH FANTASY, WHY NO LOVE FOR ROMANCE. lol, but it fine mind be working at a mile a minute so I cool.


I want go read them both!!

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@SkyM @Danielle318 @TheParisLover @X.O.IcySnows @Jenaco ty for sharing your opinions, I will definiately be thinking bout it before continuing either story


I think that the first one sounds really good and different. The word “immorts” also sounds really cute/sweet haha :relaxed:

The second one sounds good too but because the description is kind of short it doesn’t sound too unique. But everything depends on what the journey is all about. :yay:

girl im waiting for you to publish them! of course ill read them! :two_hearts:

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