Age to join the forums?

Thanks if you do respond!

You have to be 13+

I think it’s 13… But there’s also some younger users :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeeeeeeesssss! I put my age in a thread and I was scared of getting banned because I recently turned 13.

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Yes you’re good :joy:

You have to be at least 13.

“While we appear “12+” on the Apple Store and “Teen” on the GooglePlay store, our platform is intended for teenagers 13+. In fact, players under the age of 13 are prohibited from using our service. If there is a case where you know about an underage player, please report them, and they will be removed from our platform.”

From: Content Guidelines

11 and 12 year olds or anyone under that age shouldn’t be on the Forums or writing stories as the Forums and stories are meant for 13+ up. If someone were to comment their age publicly, they’d be suspended if they’re underage.

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13 and up so you’re fine

Does anyone know when you sign up to join the forums it tells you if you need to be at least 13 to join? I joined in 2017, so it’s been a long time.


it don’t say exactly that, but it say you have to agree to the TOS and Privacy Policy

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Thanks for letting me know. Yeah a small message of “You agree you are 13+ of age” or entering the year you were born would be helpful to avoid 12 yr olds and under from joining. I feel like this rule might need to be stressed more as these young kids who join don’t know the rules because they mention their age on public threads.