An Artist Needed for my story!

Hello, episode people

I started writing my new story ADCTY and I need an artist to do some art scenes for the story and to do my (small and large) story covers.

For more details… REPLY BACK or dm me on Instagram.

I’ll be glad to do

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Of course!
Do you think you could show me some examples of your art :art:

I have many amazing examples but they r on my laptop, but trust me u like my art work results :blush::blush::blush:. Also I do custom backgrounds

It’s really good :+1::blush:
Right now I would need some art covers for my story, do you need the character details and the background and more details?

Yes, pm me

I can do that too… let me know if you are still interested to see my work

Hi! I also need special art for my story and was wondering if you could make it for me! If you could, do you think you could show me some of your work?