Angel of Shadows: Chapter 1-3 out now :))

Hello lovelies!

I have just released my new story Angel of Shadows!!

Description: Bellatrix thought she was a simple human. Until she was thrown in to a world of chaos. With the help of a cocky demon and a sweet angel can she defeat the darkness?

It would mean so much to me if you could check it out.

I would be so grateful for any feedback aswell.

Tysm lovelies! Have a good evening/morning :))

~ George :blob_hearts:

Story link:

(Also please correct me if this is in the wrong topic ;D)

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Does your story have full CC?

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No my stories do not include CC because they are like story books, there are little to no choices in them also. If you have read for example between her and me by Nat. It’s kind of like that. I might add a limited CC to me DL entry tho.

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