Announcing the Stuck With You Writer's Contest!

I think the reads count before the deadline as well. Reader retention doesn’t tho, but reads do count towards the minimum required to go to the next stage.

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I thought that was odd too when I was told stories with over 100 reads get reviewed for contests, heck I have a story with less than 100 reads approved and one with almost 50k never even paid attention to by episodes :joy::joy:

Yes, towards the minimum it counts. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: I forgot to say that…

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Finally announcing my entry!:two_hearts:

Title: SWY: Limbo

Genre: Thriller

Description: After a series of unfortunate events, caused by you, you’re stuck in limbo, unsure if you are to live or die. The catch: she’s here, seeking… revenge?

What to expect:

  • M/F MC (you decide)
  • Full CC
  • Villainous MC
  • No Romance
  • Choices Matter/ Points System
  • 2 Endings
  • Advanced Directing

Release Date: October 3rd (hopefully)


I’m so sorry if this has been asked before but I don’t have time to read through the whole thread :’(

Do they have to get stuck together by accident or can it be by “choice”? Like my MC and LI are stuck together in the way that the LI kinda takes her as his prisoner (not really but you get it).

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i don’t think it matters (:

Here’s my entry!

Title: SWY: Earthbound

Genre : Manly Fantasy

Description : Each century a demon and an angel with special powers are born. These are required to keep the balance between good and bad on Earth. But can the current two handle all of this?

Featured Content:

  • Almost full CC for MCs (No eye color change and for one mc only limited lip shape options)
  • Two MCs
  • MCs genders can be chosen
  • Choices matter
  • Point System
  • Advanced directing
  • Overlays (Maaaaaaaaaany overlays)
  • Art scenes (Edited & Drawn)
  • Sound & Music effects

Release: The end of September I guess


(Cover made by @/caitlin.epi)


So I have a question… I have already published my entry and sent in the entry ticket, but I feel like my 1st chapter is missing a little, I know you are not allowed to make any drastic changes to chapters after the deadline, but is it possible to add content make changes to the first chapter before the deadline, but after you submit?

Looks like my cup of tea,checking this out as soon as it’s released!

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ahh thank you so much :two_hearts:

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:drum: :drum: only 16 days to go :drum: :drum:
So where all amazing writers are at?

  • Poll is not for me
  • Still planing the story :persevere:
  • Coding first chapter
  • Proofreading first chapter
  • Coding second chapter
  • Proofreading second chapter
  • Coding third chapter
  • Proofreading third chapter
  • Already published

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sorry i dont think we know but you can ask @Melani3

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Hello all! I’m so excited to announce my entry for the contest! :blob_sun:

Title : 𝐒𝐖𝐘: 𝐁𝐞𝐭𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐌𝐞

Story description: A senior year trip to Rome sounds absolutely perfect! That was until Jade is forced to spend it with the one person she can’t stand: her ex.

Style : LL / full CC

Genre : Romance

Type of story : Standalone

Story status: Coming soon.

Instagram : @dollyepisode


You can make all the changes you want BEFORE the deadline. After October 7, adding content is a no-no.


Awesome, that’s what I thought I just wanted verification. :grin:

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I kinda gave up on publishing the story given all the stuff that is going on in my life :frowning_face: am super sad but I will publish it in the future


My entry for the contest :sparkles: :heart:

SWY:Golden Chef

Genre: Comedy

Stop description:- Hugo is a passionate chef who wants to be the next golden chef and he finally manged to be a part of. it unfortunately, he paired with Zoey who doesn’t know how to cook!


Style:- LL

IG : flare_888
Li:- 1

Episodes: 3

-choices matter

-point system

-mini games

-Advanced directing

Small Cover


I like to do r4r :sparkles:


Samee I really wanted to enter but school and life got in the way :sleepy:

Hoping the next theme is something that my planned story has…


That’s so sad :cry:

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I’m sorry, I hope things get better for you.