Any Tips For Focusing On One Story?

Hello, so this is just a quick question to any episode writers or writers in general who may see this.

How do you keep your attention on one concept? Both with episode stories and traditional stories(Is that the right word? Sorry.) I always find myself with an armada of unfinished ideas and works, I then come up with the next idea and forget about the others completely while I write for it for around three days.

I have only a few works that don’t get the treatment but that’s because they’re either “Not like the other girls” or I have writers block.

I was just wondering if anyone had any tips for what to do with all the ideas? Since I don’t think anyone else would want them.

I hope everyone has a good night or day either way!

Edit: I hope this is the right category now, sorry.

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I find that when I have ideas for lots of different stories there’s no point trying to make yourself write one youre not having ideas for. so what I like to do is focus on one for a couple days, then the next for a couple days, this makes it so u can release multiple stories at once, also means you usually end up with a backlog of finished episodes which is always useful because then you can focu son another without worry
if thats not something you wanna do I find that writing down those little ideas in your notes app helps, that way you dont forget those ideas but can focus on one specific story.

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Okay, thank you. I’ll give that a try when I’m next tempted by writing.

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