Anyone need covers or splashes (Open for requests)

Here are some examples

Fill it out

story name;
episode name;
character picture with them posing;
LL or INK;
If you want it IN the story I have to be credited and tell me if you want it in the story


Can u possibly make me a cover large & small

Sure fill this out;
Name of story;
Limelight or ink;
Your characters and poses;
Your episode name;
How you want the story words:

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Oh and any extras like
•and I can try if any other thing is needed

Name of story Iconic
Your characters and poses 1 male 1 female any pose
Background Creepy Haunted House
Your episode name Zembo27 & Bella Hale
How you want the story words don’t care

Can you send the characters and poses or do you want me to make some

Can u make them

Sure thing but is there a specific thing like witches,human,supernatural,skin tone, or hair color?

Here you go. Let me know if you need any changes.
Female name; Neacah
Male name; James

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Can you make the girl look more nervous

Sure thing It might take 30 minutes to an hour to get it done i have another request

Ok that’s fine

I hope you like it :smile:

Thanks you have been a great help

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Duplicate closed. Refer to Ghosty's covers and splashes(open for requests) :slight_smile: