App crashes whenever I add a Story to my Recommended


I’m having some issues with the Episode app. Whenever I add a story to my “Recommendations” section, the app freezes after I click “Done” and crashes.

I’ve tried logging in and out, uninstalling and reinstalling the app, turning off my phone and powering it on again, staying in the same room as my WiFi router (to make sure I have a strong connection) and attempting to do the action whilst on mobile data. All of these have just resulted in the app crashing whenever I click the “Done” button when adding recommendations.

I have already sent in a support ticket to Episode, and when they responded, these were their suggestions on how to fix it. I was wondering if there was anything else I could do?

Yes. You can contact them again and tell them that you’ve already done everything they suggested and it is still not working for you. Sometimes the team needs to be contacted more than once in order for the problem to be solved, but just avoid spamming that’s all. Good luck!


Thank you very much, I’ve already sent in another message! I’m just awaiting their reply now. :hugs:

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You’re welcome!