Background Artists?

I have backgrounds in my story that I need to credit but I forgot who made them! Can you all please help?


pv1_back_INT__STAGE_6556846424653824_7e7b411f65142db70cb6458378496e17 !

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I think one or two of these are @amepisode’s but I could be wrong.

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Thank you!

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Those two aren’t mine. I’m pretty sure they’re copywritten backgrounds, you can find them just by searching keywords like disco, stage or party. I suspect @klexosis.epi you just found them on Google. I’ve found them on Google before.


Oh dang it, thank you!

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The bottom purple one looks like INT. CLUB - NIGHT from the portal just streched out :thinking:

The top idk, try reverse searching on Google and seeing where it’s from but it looks copyright

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Ohh, thank you!