Background theme help!

Does anyone think they can turn these episode backgrounds colors into a black and white theme ?:frowning_face:

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Nope, I can’t do it, I’m so sorry, but I’m very busy right now with homework and there are 3 backgrounds.

it’s wonderful ! do you think you could change the previous pictures i showed to a black and white them ?

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umm it doesn’t really matter when i can wait !

i just want all the colorful things changed to black and like leave the pillows to be white and the carpet is white or whatever you suggest but i need it to be black and white

can you do it ? if not that’s fine

I can try to help you out . :slight_smile:
I have always been slightly annoyed that the backgrounds are too colorful so if you don’t end up liking the result I might use the backgrounds myself…

There you go. I don’t know, they look kinda the same in black-in-white. Hope it is what you wanted.

Here is the backgrounds I edited, they aren’t great but I hope you’ll like them @PrettiiZarii
I didn’t make everything black and white because I assumed you wanted a black/white themed room and not backgrounds that look like old photos but if that’s what you wanted @fcukforcookies did a great job on her edits :slight_smile:


These are beautiful! :heart:@PrettiiZarii

yeah i kinda wanna continue writing the story … i’m sorry if i’m rushing

omg yessss thank you so much it’s beautiful !

how do i credit you ? what name should i put ?

Sorry for being so slow to reply you can just put in my username if you want :slight_smile:

no it’s fine and thanks so much and I will :blush::yellow_heart:!