BACKGROUNDS: More School Options e.g: school halls


I think there was a thread about this on the old forums, but since there is not one on here, I’ll make it.

I think we should have more school options, like a school hall and a school stage/acting stage looking like a school one not a fancy theatre. Another cool one would be a notice board, or a playground/ area you can go to at break time or somewhere.

If you have anything to suggest, I’ll add it down here!

Other suggestions:


There are others, but alexa.episode on Instagram has some school halls.


I support, even when its easy to find backgrounds to upload the style is different. I would love some of the backgrounda you suggested!


great! xx


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This would be fantastic! I feel like a cafeteria would also be a good school background option!

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1000% support this idea. It would be cool if there were more classroom backgrounds, a cafeteria background, and looping backgrounds for school halls would be awesome! :slight_smile:




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