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I also wanted to add on to this a little i hope you don’t mind spieg. you also need to know birth location as well because that also affects your ascendent sign

@sunflowersnharleys every planet rules a different aspect of who are

Your sun sign is the one most people know because it rules your overall general personality
Your rising(ascendent) is the “mask” you show to the world. It’s often how you come across at first impression. Your outward expression of yourself
Your moon rules your emotions and how you feel it’s your inward reflection. Many people actually identify most with their moon sign then their sun sign because of this. A lot of people also say your music taste is also tied to your moon sign because of how closely tied emotion is with music

Omg i love that for them

Right! I remember this now and depending on what dates autumn switches over to winter in TaT (i know they don’t have dates like we do but however it translates) i may actually be terra born since i was born early December


thanks for all the clarification! this whole astrology topic is starting to make more sense thanks to you and spiegel! :sparkles: i’ll have to go see if i can figure out my moon sign and/or rising sign


There are websites where you can put in your birth day time and place and it will calculate it for you. I recommend astrology cafe

let me see if i can get a link:

I had to ask my mom to figure out my birth time that one is probably the hardest and minutes can change what it is so it’s best not to guess/estimate


cool, thanks for the link! i’ll check it out and see what i get!

edit: finished scrolling through my results, and they’re really accurate! haven’t had time yet to go digging for my birth time for the moon stuff, but the rest of the stuff for the planet placement was actually pretty spot on!


When you’re sneaking through the TaT thread to find out information for… something & rediscover Spiegel‘s comments on some ships.

For example:

  • Lastly, one of the peeps will have had their heart broken like 3 TIMES and it will be like FINALLY. But you know that it’s the right time and place.
  • OH YEAH ANd don’t expect every ship to end well. …in their own book, at least. I do have some tragic nonsense up my sleeve yet.

Reading this now is giving my little Rosie/Parsley heart anxiety. :upside_down_face: (Ok, I admit it‘s making me fear for all of them… but… ahhhh)


But on the other hand… I live for the drama :thinking:.
Damn, now I’m really conflicted.


I think this one is about the slow burn that starts in Book 3 and lasts until Book 6.


…i am not ready for this emotional pain :sweat_smile:


me too now i’m scaredd. like i’m gonna enjoy the drama too but still 🥲

ooh that makes sense! totally forgot about that ship, but that could definitely be it :thinking:


they’ll all get happy endings, but that’s like 5.75 books away lol and they’ll do a lot of suffering in the meantime. I think Jasper and Vera is really the only straight forward couple and they also will suffer, but stay together in the process. I’m pretty sure their suffering won’t entail breaking up.


this is what will keep me going through the emotional pain lol

yeah, vesper is the one couple that i am 190% sure will stay together they have to bc they’re perfect and i will not survive if they don’t


Me neither my friend, me neither… grabs a family pack of ice cream and sobs

Sounds about right. And it’d make sense since Spiegel addressed this slow burn couple right before the quote I… quoted… ? (language skills = :100:)

They better do :sleepy:

Thick as Emotional Terror


…can i get in on that? we can throw a sad party with ice cream and lots of crying over TaT :joy: all of the cult fanclub members are invited

it’s basically confirmed then, good job ness!

i laughed at this but there were also tears 🥲


since there is so cold in my country that it makes me want to crawl under my covers, but I can’t :unamused:

I will stick with cookies and tea, if you don’t mind

pretty much


all kinds of comfort food are welcome at our :sparkles:thick as emotional terror :sparkles: party :joy:


Go ahead! I’m hardly an expert, lmao :laughing:

If it’s before the 11th of December, you’re definitely Terra-born!

Another one for the zodiac cult? :eyes: :rofl:
It’s quite fun to at least see what they have to say about you.

Never underestimate Foxy :no_mouth:
action music plays

Honestly? Saaaame

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Y’see, now I’m conflicted because I want to kick the butt of anyone who hurts you beautiful people but maybe that person is me and now I’m gonna cry


I missed these:

I’m sure you have a lot more talents I haven’t found yet!

OOoooooOOOooooHHhhhhh :eyes:
Nice, I’ll add them to my reading list. I am… unnaturally in love with folklore.


another cult? you guys are a bad influence :joy: :wink:


totally, including running away from my problems, having no friends, and procrastinating :sparkles:

i can’t believe one of my favorite authors is taking my reading advice :eyes: 🥲

me too spieg, me too

  • spoiler chapter 7 - (I should probably add that since the chapter is just out :sweat_smile:)

AHHahhahagahhAha IT REALLY IS ALYS I- :skull:


Ok and also… this chapter was intense and I never made so many screenshots :eyes:.


Thank you for the warning, I will read it in the morning.