Beef with episode

I don’t know what kind of crack episodes staff are on but

I sent a support ticket and it was rejected.
They went ahead and removed my large cover after it already been approved. And rejected my art scenes once again.
They said my art was too similar to lookism and here was my reply to them;

They’re literally altered versions of the original.
I don’t believe those fit the grounds of copyright when they’ve been altered enough to not look like the original?
The more you transform a photo, the greater likelihood of fair use.
Its an altered version of the original photo. It wasn’t entirely traced.
This falls under reference material.
I just used it as reference and used similar elements but changed enough?
It’s not a cut and copy picture, I used it as reference and altered it my fitting.

I’m literally freaking out because the large over wasn’t even an issue until now.
I’m so upset.
I used lookism art as reference and spent hours making the art.
I’m getting to the point where I’m done using their portal and done using anything by them because this is messed up.
Does episode have any idea how many of their “ARTISTS” use different references for their art?
Why am I getting the backlash?


This is horrible and I would be p***sed off, too. On a lighter note, the title of this thread has me dead :joy::joy: I’ve never heard of anyone else on here that knows what that means


It’s quite unfortunate, I would be frustrated if that happened to me. :slightly_frowning_face:


Ugh. Maybe if we all sent a ticket saying our friends art was rejected for an unfair reason. Then maybe they’ll listen?!


You poor thing! Idk what to tell you, because normally my advice is to send a ticket for things like this


Interesting how they don’t accept your art scenes, but Mette blatantly using Arianna Grande and Jason DeRulo’s images for commercial use, without consent is ok? (They are used way more than just a reference to). Not to mention the whole issue with Disney and the flower and the enchantress.
I wonder how Arianna and Jason would feel if they knew how their image was being used…