Birthday r4r uwu

It’s my birthday, and I wanna do r4rs. I will be open to start in about 2 hours lol.
So here is my story.


happy birthday! :sparkling_heart:

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thank you <3

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Happy bday here is my story

happy birthday <33

I can do a R4R with you!

Title: Loveless BFFs
Genre: Drama/Comedy
Author: Nora
Type: Limelight
Description: Gabriella a not so normal girl who falls in love to easily and Nora a girl who doesn’t believe in love at all. They both seem to have perfect lives going to a fancy university on a scholarship. But Gabriella isn’t too bright when it comes to love and Nora would rather be alone. Charlotte, Audrey and Kam, Nora’s sisters like to participate in hilarious schemes to find out things they probably shouldn’t know. What happens when Gabriella meets Alex and Nora gets set up.
Story Link: //

Happy Birthday!