Blood wound overlay (not too graphic)

Hey! does anyone have a blood wound overlay for me? like a gunshot wound. Preferably not something graphic because episode rejected my other one because they thought it was too graphic.

I’ll credit ! <3

One way to avoid this -
Either name it red paint :joy: (it works) OR when you upload it and it shows on the preview, take one corner with the point on it and just resize it really really small.
Here are some I had:

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thanks I’ll try that! <3

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Of course! Hope everything goes well! 🩶

The red paint thingy didn’t work, when I tried resizing it to really small it showed up really blurry in my story.

These are the only ways I know, it has to be a blurry or really, really small. They have also started to be more touchy when reviewing blood.