Bring The Thunder - COMPLETE / NEW STORY - Nothing Compares

Hey there!
I’ve just finished my first ever story here on episode.
Title : Bring The Thunder
Total Episodes : 33
current amount of reads : 1.7k
There is no CC or choices but there are art scences
Nora’s a weapons dealer who starts working for Mr.Giordano, the leader of The Blazing Boltz in New York. What happens when their past catches up with them and secrets unveil? ART
The cover

if you want to read something then check it out :slight_smile:

Futhermore, i have a new story coming out soon!
Title : Nothing Compares
Phoenix is untouchable - that’s until the mysteriously sexy Xavier Lopez comes around. Will he be able to touch the untouchable? And will Phoenix be the cure to his broken soul? LL

Check out my instagram for more information and sneak peaks! Instagram : Crush_writes_

Thank you!

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