Can anyone make me a Big cover for my story

I am doing a scary and dramatic story called Save Me about a girl who is stalked by her ex, even in her dreams! After time of recovering from an accident caused by her ex, she and her BFF, named Leon start to fall in love, but her enemy keeps that from happening. Soon, she is kidnapped by her enemy and is threatened to die. Every time the main character tries to escape, one person she loves is killed. Can anyone make me a big cover with a beautiful girl sitting in the corner with her head in her knees, and the words Save Me on it? Thanks, the person will get a credits, for insta.

LL or Ink?

Limelight. I don’t know how to send you pic of my character though. lemme try

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Ah, I’m sorry, I don’t edit. There are a lot of good artists on the forums though. You can try looking at art groups or someone who has a thread open for art.

Any suggestions?

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(Sorry for the tags)

And, I think that’s all the ones I know.