Can someone please help meeee!


im trying to use some special effects for my story but i cant seem to get it right


How does your script look?


what do u mean? sorry if you didn’t understand, what i meant was i see people adding magical effects in their story i don’t have a clue on what to do


Oooh, like floating things and all? I’m pretty sure those are overlays.


oh yh? how do i get them cause i can’t find it in the art catalogue


I think they find them online/make them in editing programs (picsart, Photoshop, etc.) and upload them to the portal themselves

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aight, thank you sooooooo muchhhhh!!!

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oh ok thanks


ok so i need help again… how do u upload more than 1 overlay in your script/ how do u add it to your dialogue?


Here’s a guide that can help:


I have overlays on my insta @clarkie.eps and @larajane.writes, and like a bunch of others have overlays in our linktrees on insta for people to use as long as they credit us


thank you guyss sooo much, this has been very helpful

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