Character form!

If you’d like to be part of my new story called Neighbourhood Watch, then fill out the link below! Diversity is a recomendations but you don’t HAVE to :slight_smile:

If you want the details to the story PM me!

It asks for my Instagram account. I haven’t got one yet. Can I just put my Episode app profile name?

Of course!

Done. Main and best friend. How will I know what role I get? Is your story published? :slight_smile:

My story isn’t published yet! What role would you like? I can choose, but you’ll get quite a big role.

Lol I just submitted!!

I don’t know what role. What roles are there to choose from? PM me what the story is about. :wink:

Hi! I noticed you put a question mark for the face? Do you not mind what hairstyle you have for your character? Alsooooo do yo not mind what your Bae looks like? Sorry, I feel as though I’m nagging, you just didn’t give details <3 :slight_smile:


Oh i. So sorry it not filling I just of forgotten some spaces

I’ll re do it!,

Ok I re did it oof

Haha thank you! Sorry for nagging!

Oh it was nothing! Thanks for reminding me!

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Moved to Resources section :v:t2:

Is the story ink or limelight?

It’s ink! Sorry If my form was too vague

Hey it’s fine, is there any spot left, can I still fill the form?

Of course It’s open for anyone!