Character is performing another characters' animation

OMG. This is my 3rd topic today, I’m so dumb. I need help. AGAIN.
My character (YOU) is performing another characters’ animation, which is ‘mortified’. And she does it before performing the animation that she performes BEFORE this one in the script. Uh. I’m adding a photo so you can see what I mean better

Because you’re having YOU doing the animation instead of MADELINE, which happens at the same time as YOU is suppose to do talk_neutral

&YOU stands upscreen left in zone 2 AND YOU does it while talk_neutral
&MADELINE stands upscreen right in zone 2 AND YOU does it while mortified

Also, “does it while” is normally used when you want a character to do an animation while walking. When you have a character just standing doing an animation, it’s best to use “is”: CHARACTER is animation

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OMG, I think I’m going blind with Episode. Thank you so much! Yes, I know. I usually use IS but I didn’t want them to first stand and then perform these animations.

“stands” isn’t an animation so it doesn’t take up any time, so you can use “is”.