Characters Makeup and Hairstyle

Does anyone know how to make 2 characters change the makeup, because when I do it, it works, and when I preview it I can’t change the lipstick color of the character? Also, there is no error.
Here’s a pic:

This has happened to me before, and it is strange, but it does work for readers. I had my friend read my story to test it after i published it, and she said it worked fine.

Do you mean have two characters change makeup at the exact same time? Or do you mean have 1 character change their makeup two times in an Episode?

So what you are saying is that you can’t change the lipstick color of the character correct?

Yes, when I press it, it doesn’t work.

Have you tried it in the app?

Yeah, and when I do it for the character Jordyn it makes me do the change of makeup and hairstyle twice and the second time it works, but I look at it in the writer portal there is no mistake.

What do you mean by that?

it makes me change the makeup and hairstyle twice.

Strange, did you only let the reader customize the character once?

I didn’t let them customize any character yet. But I just wanted the reader to choose if they wanted to change the makeup and hairstyle before she goes to sleep.

Okay, So when the reader chose the make up and hair style, it goes back to the option to change right?

What do you mean it goes back to the option to change?

It means when you input the choice where you let the reader change the hair and make up


Does it go back there?

Yes, and it makes the other character sleep on her bed and when I do it the second time it works perfectly.

Wait the character goes back to the bed?


Looks like there is a command that put there that made it do that