Cille's help thread!


Heya!! I’m Cille and in this thread you can ask all your questions and i will try to help!

Please like if you got helped :slight_smile:


Me and my partner @Ally_cat1 are working on a story, and need some extra help with plot, writing, and characters. Here is the summary: There is a small town, and at the local high school, there are two teenagers (both really rude at the beginning) that are sworn enemies. (Emma Miller and Jake Adams). When Emma embarrassed a Hanna Stevens by posting a picture of her online, and Jake punches Chris Davids in a fight in the locker rooms, little did they know, karma would hit them. After several strange happenings, Eva Harker is mysteriously murdered. All they know is that there were two murderers there that night. And no witnesses, at least not REALLY. Hanna and Chris are furious with Emma and Jake and say that they were there. And Emma and Jake had killed her. The case closes, and Emma and Jake are sent to prison. Because they are enemies, it is rough at first. But jail cells are magic, after being in the cell trapped for just a week, they have begun falling in love. Together, they need to solve this murder case and prove their innocence once and for all. And escape. Can they? Will they? The answer lies in your hands… If you are interested, please message me on a private chat and we will share it with you. We will credit you, and you will be part of the squad! We have room for 2-4 others. Thank you! :smiley:


I will love to


Ok!! I will share our doc with you via my email ( What should i share it with?


I will dm u my mail then




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