CLOTHING: Casts, Prosthetics, BIG Angel Wings!

I’ve asked a few of my Epi friends what they thought of this, and they all said yes, and that I should post about it. So, here are my clothing suggestions for Limelight Male and Female. I was thinking, maybe we could get a few Cast accessories! Like if a character broke their leg or arm, and of course a few talking, walking, and idle animations to go along with that. Also, how do we feel about Prosthetics? It would be very realistic and inclusive if we had these items as clothing! One more thing, just to lighten the mood. Maybe we could get big wings! Like if we had stories where the characters were angels, instead of using overlays, or the tiny costume wings, we could get big, beautiful, angel wings!! Those are all my suggestions for now, feel free to tell me how you feel about things in the comments! Positive feedback only! Thank you! ~Bailey Wonder :heart:



And support (obviously)

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Thank you! :heart:

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