CLOTHING: Tribal Wear

Wouldn’t it be nice to have stuff like that? Here’s some examples:



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Disclaimer: This stuff along with the accessories, masks, face paint, etc.  is 
for characters who's ancestry, ethnicity and/or home/culture are set in tribes. 
And stories set in tribes.


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Yessss! Support! Particularly the first one as I am from Australia and it would be great to have some aboriginal culture in there


I TOTALLY AGREE! Im writing a Tribe story and this would definitely be useful!!!

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Are you Aboriginal? :grinning: If you are, that’s soo cool! I have been adding Aboriginal characters to my stories since I know the people aren’t really represented and shown that much. :blush:

Right! People who want to make tribe stories will find this very useful. :smile: I’m happy you will too

I support!!

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I am not aboriginal but I have friends who are and it’s always been important issue to me because it’s Australia’s true history not the nonsense British invaders :roll_eyes:. Plus Aboriginal culture is so much more fascinating

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Exactly! Thank you! And what I hate most about it is they always project people in Australia as all white when most people there are Aboriginals and black.

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Exactly! And in schools they always start Australian history with the first settlers and I’m like come on Aboriginal people inhabited Australia for thousands of years! Plus they always white wash the massacres and destruction that British settlers made. Don’t even get me started on the health and wellbeing of indigenous people at the moment, it’s an utter disgrace!

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I know, it’s sad. :sweat: They need more recognition and representation. Along with being more known and told their history.

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Yeah exactly and what’s really depressing is it just seems to be getting worse. I also would love to be able to learn one of the traditional languages I think that would be pretty cool!

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I am making a story in the future centering on Aboriginals on the Murray Island. They speak Meriam Mir and I have found websites to help with it.

However, they’re really isn’t much information I can really find to speak it and the island but I tried hard to get as much.

Yeah it can be tricky as there are thousands of indigenous languages and a lot of it hasn’t been recorded in history. I like the idea of your story it sounds really cool.
This website has a list of basic words. Hope this is helpful

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That’s actually one of the things I already found to help :sweat_smile: But I appreciate the help and effort. Thanks. :wink:

:joy: No problem anytime!

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BUMP :no_mouth:

This would be fabulous!! YES!

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Bump :grin: