Coming up with a story plot - any ideas?

So I’m in the beginning process of coming up with a story plot - I don’t have much figured out, but here’s basically where I’m at.

MC is a 17 yr old girl who lives a fairly boring life at home. She has no siblings, her parents are very strict and hardly ever let her go out, and she suffers from anxiety.
There is a ‘secret society’ that consists of a bunch of teenagers from MC’s school. This group only lets in select people, who are often sought out like modeling agencies would look for models. Leaders basically observe people in the school, or in the city, and if they think they would be a good fit for their group, they form a relationship with them, get to know them better, and eventually decide if they will ask them to join the group. MC is asked to join the group, and she accepts.

The members of the alliance are given badass uniforms, they form close friendships with each other, and…well, here’s where I’m stuck. I don’t know what this alliance does. Do they go around getting revenge on stuck up, rude people? Do they simply throw cool, secret parties early in the morning and bond as friends?

Basically, any ideas would be appreciated. My concept is that these teens are all living a double life in this alliance. There are closeted LGBT members, abuse victims, and this group is a chance for them to be their true selves.

Wow this is a really great start!! It seems very interesting and fun to read. (sorry I know I’m a little late for this, hopefully you haven’t already thought of something) And as for what the alliance does, I have a few ideas. Maybe the people in the alliance scope out people who are oppressed or bullied in some way, then the whole point of their alliance is to get revenge on all the people that have oppressed/bullied/done wrong to the people in the group. However, in return, everyone is basically obliged to do whatever the alliance tells them to do to get revenge on the oppressors of other people in the group (even if it’s something they’re not comfortable with). It could then maybe turn into a creepy thing where MC is forced to do harm or even kill someone, and the alliance is all “Well we saved your life so you have to do this for us” or something. Idk. There are a lot of directions you could go with this, and I’m really looking forward to reading your story!

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Honestly, I’ve been on a very extensive writers block that I just can’t seem to get out of, it sucks. :confused: But these are such great ideas!! They really got me thinking. Thank you so much!! If I want to use any of your ideas or draw inspiration from them, I will be sure to ask you first and give you credit. My brain annoys me sometimes because I jump from story idea to story idea and I just wish I could stick with one story plot and actually plan it out - so maybe this will be the one. Maybe not. :joy: Anyway, thanks for the inspiration!

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OMG I am the exact same way!! I just have too many different ideas bouncing around in my head. I’ve started soo many Episode stories, got bored of the plot, scratched it, and started a new one. Good luck with your writer’s block!

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