Community I need help with spot directing ;.;

Sorry for it being lengthy you guys :smiling_face_with_tear: . Now I would consider myself advanced with spot directing and overlays, but I haven’t edited my story in quiet sometime. Therefore to my surprise there’s new coding with spot directing :sob: . The issue that I’m currently having is panning my screen while walking with one of my characters. (ODD or better yet WEIRD ENOUGH)!!? One of my other characters is actually having no fault with panning the screen while walking- while the other character is (and it consist of the same code) :thinking: ?? It’s as if there’s some sort of bug with this character? I did read the portal to see if anyone had the same complications whether it be changing scaling, refreshing the page, wrongfully typing a code or what not yet nothing is appearing.

Here’s my code for context:
@DEJA stands screen left AND DEJA faces right
@DEJA spot 0.261 131 251 in zone 1
@DEJA moves to layer 4

@PARTH stands screen left AND PARTH faces right
@PARTH spot 0.215 123 290 in zone 1
@PARTH moves to layer 5

@PARTH starts idle_sit_sad_loop
@DEJA starts talk_sit_legsup_neutral_loop

&PARTH walks to spot 0.215 184 277 in zone 1 in 8 AND PARTH does it while idle_sit_anklescrossed_sad_loop
&DEJA walks to spot 0.261 195 254 in zone 1 in 8 AND DEJA does it while talk_sit_legsup_neutral_loop

Now I have both of my characters walking in a sitting animation because they’re in a car (I usually have no problem with doing this transition). With that being said as I said before I’ve noticed Episode has changed their spot directing codes, so I decided to even use the newest spot directing codes being ( @PARTH spot 0.215 123 290 in zone 1 at layer 5 AND PARTH faces right ) AND STILL NOTHING. My character keeps moving on a slant downward :sob: .

I’m hoping you guys can help me out with this issue I’m having sorry it’s long. Also I’m not really on portals that much so this is apparently a big issue for me, so if I happen not see the notification on here PLZZZ reach out to my IG :frowning_face: :white_heart: @thtsoraee

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also forgot to add the character who’s moving on a downward slant as he sits is (PARTH) as for the other character (DEJA) whose code corresponds Parths’; she has no issues and moves sitting in a straight line.

You need to make it so they’re moving to the same height. Deja moves in a straight line because her the Z part of her X Y Z spotting is basically the same (251 → 254) while Parths moves downward because it’s significant more different (290 → 277). Instead, it should be 251 → 251 and 290 → 290

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OMGOSH it worked I feel like such a dummy for overlooking the x and y axis spotting. Thank you SO much :sob: :white_heart: