I am a new writer and have my entire storyline plotted out and I am in desperate need of help for creating cover art. I have full descriptions of the 2 characters I would like in the cover but I do not have the capability to do so.

I was wondering if there were any artists out there who could perhaps design a cover for me and I’m not sure how but we can arrange a payment if necessary.

Please anyone, any suggestion would be helpful to me, many thanks for reading this.

If you don’t mind waiting, I can do it.
Here’s my art thread with my examples.
Do you want if drawn or edit?

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I can help. I don’t have a thread, but I could send some examples.

hey, thanks for your reply, i’ve just taken a look at your work and love both drawn and edited. Honestly I wouldn’t mind either , whatever is easiest for you! x

thanks for your reply, and that would be amazing! please send them over!! xx

thank you for this xx

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If you want a cover, please send the details.

Also I prefer you to not request the same thing from someone else, because I feel that I would be wasting time.

skin tone: tan
eyebrow: thin arch
hair : short cropped
colour: platinum blond
eyes: deepset piercing
colour: green
face shape: stubble
nose: button
mouth: uneven
colour: toffee

skin tone: tan
eyebrow: seductive arch
hair: fishtail braid
colour: charcoal
eyes: upturned bold
face shape: soft heart
nose: soft natural
mouth: classic
colour: mocha

earpiece with mic
holding gun (pointing past nora)
construction boots

black dress
black heels
holding gun
ear piece

Also i do apologise for requesting from others, i understand it was unthoughtful and i am sorry for that. I still hope you are considering helping me, im sorry.

Do you want a small/big cover or borh?
I’ll start tomorrow, cauz I need to sleep now.

A big one preferably please, thank you!