Custom poses requests (CLOSED)

Hey, guys :wave:
I’m doing custom poses (only ink) :blush:
Hit me up, if you’re interested :thinking:


1. Max numbers of poses you can request is 2.
2. Always credit me, because I’ve spent my time and energy to make it how you imagine it.
3. I will post what I made on IG and/or forum, but I’ll mention that it’s for you.
4. Don’t ask when it will be done, I’ll do it as fast as I can.

Request form

IG name:(if you have one)
Character details:
Pose that you want (explain it in detail):


Can i have one?

IG: @mary.diakaki
Character details:
Skin: tan
Brows: medium angled
Eyes: downturned natural hickory
Hair: beach wave black (i want it short, shoulders length please)
Face: soft heart
Nose: soft natural
Lips: classic terracota
Pose: Can you do the pose in the middle of the photo with the hands in her head


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yes :+1::blush:

I may request from here soon :upside_down_face:

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Hi! I would love two poses! I will send you ina minute what I want :raising_hand_woman:t4:

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Yeah! :two_hearts: Its been a while

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I don’t have IG from my episode, but you can use my name from this episode a_mojta
Character details:
Skin tone: Caramel
Eyes shape: Feline
Eyes colour: Taupe
Mouth: Full Round
Mouth colour: Dark
Face shape: Oval
Hair: Beach Wave Hair
Hair colour: Black
Nose: Upturned
Eyebrows: Mature Round


Sth like this
And second:
Skin Tone: Honey
Face shape: Defined Triangle
Hair colour: Fawn
Hair: Pompadour
Mouth: Uneven
Mouth colour: Taupe
Eyebrows: Thin arch
Nose: Roman
Eyes shape: Gentle Almond
Eyes colour: Taupe

Pose sth like this if you can of course:

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Can’t wait! :heart:

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Hi I need custom pose like this com
I can’t log in writer portal :grimacing:
Skin; fair
brows: defined natural
hairstyle: diva curls fawn
eyes: upturned bold taupe
face: soft heart
nose: soft natural
lip: classic ruby red

Skin: light
Brows: thick arch
hairstyle: short cropped black
eyes: round piecinirng green (I don’t know how to spell :sweat_smile:)
face: diamond
nose: button
lip: uneven blush

Gotta send you outfits when I log in portal
My IG : lea.epi

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But Michelle is like the the idle_awkward hand down

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End of idle_awkward

com On his right arm like this


like this (can’t found another picture :grimacing:)

Hello!! I would like to request one pose.
IG name: ah_episode

Character details NOVA:
Skin tone: umber
Eye shape upturned feline
Eye colour: taupe
Mouth: full round
Mouth colour: plum
face shape: oval
Hair: classic bob
Hair colour: black
Nose: upturned
Eyebrows: medium angled


(without the second gun at the back)

It has to be exactly like nova (especially the outfit choice) but you can choose whichever edit. Anyways THANK U!!

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thank uuuu!

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Its amazing thank you :heart_eyes::blush:

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hey bby do you think you could make me a pose w these two chars? but the girl dude’s expression is like this instead? (transparent bg)

i dont have ig sskk

also could you make two versions of this? one with no eyes, no mouth and no eyebrows and one where its normal like its just the pose?

dude’s face;

overall pose;


the girl,

the boy;

thin arch
gentle almond blue
uneven taupe

(lmk if i missed anything)


tysm <3

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wait omg i forgot his hair :joy: its modern pompadour fawn, & his brows are actually medium sharp, sorry bae

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