Customization by Clicking

Hi everyone!
In some stories I’ve noticed that you are able to click on a character and it automatically puts you into a customization scene.
I don’t know if this makes sense but you actually click the character and you can customize???
How do you do this?

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you mean like there is no visible choice and CC stars after TAP on character?

Than it is most likely done as tappable minigame - you have transparent overlay above the character that can be tapped.

yes exactly?

What’s the coding for this? I’m very new to this haha

here are tappable explained:

Do you create the overlay before the choice or during the choice?


Im stuck now :stuck_out_tongue:

before and you have to shift and scale the overlays as you need … simply put them to the right positionbefore you ill have the tappable choice

and inside the choice you have to write what should happen after reader taps it.

do you know how lables and goto works? Because if you will CC 2 characters you will need to retutn to the tappable game to choice whoom to CC

i have no idea how labels and goto works :slight_smile:

lol OK than you are up to bit advanced stuff now.

OK so label is basicly marked line in the script… like a code word.

and goto can send reader to that line from every part of the story.

so when you put label above the tappable choice and put goto under the CC it will bring reader back to the tappable game and he can choice the other person to CC( if you have more of them of cause)

the goto and label must have same name

for example

label minigame
goto minigame

To your template dunno how many characters you want to CC

but it will look something like this

label minigame
goto CC1
goto CC2
goto endminigame
label CC1
Here add CC for first person
goto minigame
lebel CC2
Here add CC for second character
goto minigame
label endminigame
Here start the story

okok i tried to do what you said but it is still coming up with this error?
okay i fixed that i forgot to connect tappable, im still struggling so ill respond if theres another issue

ok i dont understand what this means…

In line 96 you’re using the wrong bracket. It should be { not (.

ok i’ve fixed it but it’s still coming up with the same error

it probably react on label CONAN and SAGE - if you have characters with this name

try to rename them for example on CONAN_baby

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